MNMC continues to make history. We would not be where we are without the previous work of many others… to them we owe our success! Thank you!

Conference MMB Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
First 2000 Lyon, France Andre Ditmar David Beebe
Second 2002 Madison, WI David Beebe Andre Ditmar
Third 2005 Honolulu, HI Rob Keynton Teruo Fujii
Fourth 2006 Okinawa, Japan Teruo Fujii, Sylvian Martel Yuji Miyahara, Sander Koster
Conference MNM Year Location Conference Chair(s) Program Chair
First 2012 Maui, HI Ali Khademhosseini, Michelle Khine Rashid Bashir
Second 2014 Honolulu, HI Michelle Khine, Ali Khademhosseini Rashid Bashir
Third 2016 Kona, HI Dino DiCarlo Elliot Hui
Fourth 2018 Kauai, HI Elliot Hui, Dino DiCarlo Sumita Pennathur


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